Glitne is located by the Sognefjord, the longest and, in many people’s opinion, most beautiful of the famous Norwegian fjords

Where can I get Glitne Halibut?
Glitne Whole Halibut is currently beeing served at restaurants all over the world. In stores, we are working on getting Glitne available in Norway, UK, USA and France. For Norwegians; Buy our finest Glitne Sashimi Grade at Colonialen Fetevare »


General Contact


Jan Brekke


+47 901 04 802

Ole-Kristian Hess-Erga

Quality & Development Manager

+47 979 73 054

Sigbjørn Hjetland

Head of Fry Production

+47 908 24 519

Jan Even Østerbø

Operations Manager - On-growing

+47 482 04 682

Martine Vatne

Head of Marketing

+47 993 29 006