Respect for nature

Glitne leaves a small footprint in our common natural heritage. The Norwegian fjords should remain a pristine and attractive destination also in future.

The pools where the halibut swim are low, located on almost invisible terraces in the landscape along the magical Sognefjord. Gods and Jotuns, Vikings and emperors have travelled through this landscape throughout the ages, but they have not left lasting, damaging traces behind them. Nor will Glitne.

Out of consideration for those who will produce food here in the future, it is important to Glitne not to leave a big footprint. It should be possible for the next generation to grow organic potatoes in the exact same spot where the halibut now swims.

The Glitne halibut eat what is natural for halibut to eat: organic, pure raw material from the sea. The waste from production will in time become good fertiliser for the farmers in the Sogn region, thus completing the cycle.

Glitne works closely with designers and architects as well as with the local authorities. We want to do more than produce good food. We want our facility in Slantevika to become a meeting place for people who like the fjord, the mountains and the taste of fresh halibut.