The Glitne® Standards

The halibut feels right at home in the land-based facility beside the Sognefjord.

In May, when the new leaves on the birch trees are about the size of a mouse’s ear, the halibut comes up to the shallow areas of the Sognefjord. The spawning season is over, and the halibut comes up from the deep waters to hunt for smaller fish. It hunts and plays with its prey like a cat with a mouse, completely unlike cod and salmon.

Unlike other Norwegian farmed fish, Glitne halibut swim in pools on land. The pools are built right beside the fjord, in harmony with the steep terrain.

The halibut swim around in the cold, crystal-clear water, taken from a depth of 100 metres, for up to four years. This is slow food! Fish grow slowly in cold water.

This gives our halibut the best possible taste and the snow-white colour for which halibut is so famous. When the halibut are three or four years old, they are caught with a landing net and lifted straight from the cold water from deep down in the fjord and put on ice. They are then quickly stunned and bled with no transport and no stress. This is extremely important for the taste. Glitne also wants the fish to have a happy life from beginning to end. Only after this has been done is the fish transported the short distance to the mobile harvesting facility developed by Glitne.