The unique taste of Snow White Halibut

A special occasion. The neon lights of a big city, the buzz of traffic in the background, a restaurant with a view, background music and exclusive Norwegian halibut on the menu.

Then the impression changes. A metamorphosis takes place. Like a glacier scouring its way down into old memories. The snow-white fish meat melting on your tongue. Your eyes closed. The taste of the Sognefjord spreads through your body. Phosphorescence blinking on the shiny surface, the rush of the waterfalls lightly tumbling into the cold water of the fjord. The smell of freshly cut grass and salty seaweed.

No fish is whiter, no fish is firmer, than halibut from the Sognefjord. Nobody knows why this is so – it is a mystery. Perhaps it is because of the ice-cold and crystal-clear fjord water in which the salty Atlantic Ocean meets the melted glacier ice from the mountains. Or perhaps it is the distinctive natural formations steeped in myths and destinies.

No matter where you are in the world, the gourmet halibut from the Sognefjord will tell you where it comes from. You just have to enjoy the taste and listen to the stories about the glaciers that slowly transformed the landscape over millions of years. About the handsome god Balder and the ugly ogress, about the Vikings Sverre and Magnus who fought each other for Norway’s throne at the Battle of Fimreite.