Slicing of sashimi grade halibut fillets

Highlighting taste and texture.

Glitne halibut is an exquisite sashimi/sushi grade fish. Starting with Glitne, you can easily make mouth-watering dishes for even the most sophisticated palates. The key to a successful dish is the combination of taste, presentation and preparation. Here you will get the chef’s advice on how to cut the fillet into slices that perfectly balance the firm texture, taste and quality.

  • Use a very sharp knife to make your slices smooth and even. Place edge of the knife at a 90-degree angle and ½ cm from the edge of the fillet.
  • Support the fillet with your other hand, and let the knife do the work by pulling it carefully towards yourself. Slice the fish with a single motion from the heel to the tip of the knife.
  • Repeat the steps until you have the desired number of slices. For a slightly different texture and look, tilt the knife about 45 degrees. This will make perfect slices for nigiri.