Halibut broth

120 min

Nothing to waste, use the bones and head to make a broth rich in flavours, perfect as a starting point for soups and sauces.


Rinse the halibut bones well in running cold water. Remove the gills from the head.

Put bones and head in a saucepan together with water. Bring to a boil and skim the foam.

Add white wine and vegetables and simmer for 60 minutes. Turn off the heat and allow it to rest for another 60 minutes.

Strain the broth carefully.

  • 1kg fish hull/head from the halibut
  • 1.5 l water
  • 2 dl dry white wine
  • 50g sliced onions
  • 50g slice of leeks
  • 50g sliced fennel
  • 25g sliced carrot
  • 5g fresh tarragon